Glass Chrysalis Necklace - Green & Gold

Glass Chrysalis Necklace - Green & Gold
Glass Chrysalis Necklace - Green & GoldGlass Chrysalis Necklace - Green & GoldGlass Chrysalis Necklace - Green & Gold

About this piece

The Chrysalis is a perfect example of nature's beauty and is a reoccurring theme in Steph Lusted Jewellery.

These latest works from the Chrysalis Collection come from a long fascination with the chrysalis as an object and combine my strong passion and love of glass. The Chrysalis are hand carved then cast in glass. They feature a stunning colour combination graduating from a subtle opaque almond colour at the top of the chrysalis to a beautiful translucent mint green at the base. The glass is then finished with gold highlights and is finished with a cap of 18ct yellow gold.

The Chrysalis pendant has been finished with a cap of 18ct Yellow Gold and is suspended on a blackened Sterling Silver chain. Two hand carved beads crafted in 18ct Yellow Gold flank the Chrysalis on either side.

Includes a Steph Lusted Jewellery printed jewellery box.

The pendant featured in the images above is the actual pendant available and is a perfect specimen.
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All pieces of Steph Lusted Jewellery are meticulously made by hand and therefore will require 5-10 working days to produce before dispatch. Some pieces may be on hand in which case will be dispatched within 2-4 days.

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Title: Glass Chrysalis Necklace - Green & Gold
Chrysalis Collection



Length of Chrysalis: 27mm (from top of cap)
Length of Chain: 50cm long (adjustable from 45cm-50cm)

Materials: Cast Glass Chrysalis, 18ct Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver Chain (Blackened) 

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Price: $1,975.00 NZD
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