Kiwi & Egg Pendant

Kiwi & Egg Pendant
Kiwi & Egg Pendant

About this piece

The kiwi is New Zealand's most treasured and unique bird not to mention a significant national icon.
There are five species of kiwi, all of which are flightless and classified as Threatened or At Risk of extinction. Such a unique bird needs our protection. Highly cherished in New Zealand society there are many community and iwi-led groups working to protect their habitat and population numbers.

The 'Kiwi & Egg Pendant' is hand carved and crafted in Sterling Silver. What makes this pendant especially unique is the kiwi egg is carved from Whalebone which has been found on the shores of New Zealand.

The perfect gift for a visitor to our shores or proud 'kiwi' (New Zealander) to wear with pride.

Includes a Steph Lusted Jewellery printed jewellery box.

Please note: Each Whalebone kiwi egg is unique. Because Whalebone is a natural material the flecks of colour within the bone may differ slightly to the example photographed above.

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All pieces of Steph Lusted Jewellery are meticulously made by hand and therefore will require 5-10 working days to produce before dispatch. Some pieces may be on hand in which case will be dispatched within 2-4 days.

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Title: Kiwi & Egg Pendant
Homeland Collection

Pendant Dimensions:
Full height of Pendant: 31mm
Width: 24mm

Length of Necklace: 50cm

Materials: Sterling Silver, hand carved egg made from Whalebone (found in New Zealand)

Price & Options

Price: $690.00 NZD
(includes. gst 15%)
(For purchases made outside N.Z, gst is deducted at checkout)
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