New Zealand Long-tailed Bat Ring

New Zealand Long-tailed Bat Ring
New Zealand Long-tailed Bat RingNew Zealand Long-tailed Bat RingNew Zealand Long-tailed Bat RingNew Zealand Long-tailed Bat Ring

About this piece

Bats, or 'Pekapeka' in Maori, are New Zealand's only native land mammal. There were once three species of Bats in New Zealand although one of these is thought now to be extinct.
The long-tailed bat, once common in New Zealand in the 1800's, is classed as 'critical and vulnerable' although can be found throughout the Mainland and various surrounding islands. A petite species of bat, their bodies are similar in size to that of a human thumb, weighing only around 8-11 grams. They can be spotted at dusk if you know where to look for them.

An ancient symbol in many cultures the bat can symbolise good luck, longevity and happiness.

The N.Z Long-tailed Bat Ring is hand carved and crafted in Sterling Silver and features a Moonstone set into it's belly.

Includes a Steph Lusted Jewellery printed jewellery box.

Shipping & Delivery

All pieces of Steph Lusted Jewellery are meticulously made by hand and therefore will require 5-10 working days to produce before dispatch. Some pieces may be on hand in which case will be dispatched within 2-4 days.

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Title: New Zealand Long-tailed Bat Ring
Homeland Collection

Dimensions of Band:
Height of Bat (top of wings to tail): 14mm
(band tapers to 6mm wide at back of ring for comfort)

Diameter of Stone: 5mm

Size: Optional

Sterling silver, Moonstone

Price & Options

Price: $440.00 NZD
(includes. gst 15%)
(For purchases made outside N.Z, gst is deducted at checkout)



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