Coffin & Rose Necklace

Coffin & Rose Necklace
Coffin & Rose NecklaceCoffin & Rose NecklaceCoffin & Rose Necklace

About this piece

Stylised cross bones, skulls and skeletal forms have been a recurring theme in Steph Lusted Jewellery since the beginning. The 'Till death do us part' collection embraces these symbols once more and adds a Rock and Roll flavour. Laid to rest in this Necklace is a finely crafted skeleton floating in a sea of black enamel with a red rose at his feet. Suspended from a delicate chain of roses, this necklace has a traditional Steph Lusted Jewellery high polish finish.
Includes a Special addition Steph Lusted Jewellery 'Till death do us part' printed jewellery box.

Shipping & Delivery

All pieces of Steph Lusted Jewellery are meticulously made by hand and therefore will require 5-10 working days to produce before dispatch. Some pieces may be on hand in which case will be dispatched within 2-4 days.

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Title: Coffin & Rose Necklace
Till Death Do Us Part Collection

Pendant Width/ Height: 10mm/ 30mm
Length of Chain: 45cm (including clasp)

Materials: Sterling silver, Black/red cold enamel

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Price: $510.00 NZD
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