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'Bling fit for a Hobbit' by Jim Chipp

Jeweller Steph Lusted has been working on a piece for the Hobbit Artisan Market...

The market will feature the work of many artisans who worked on the films.
Jeweller Steph Lusted has been working on a piece for the Hobbit Artisan Market, which takes place in Waitangi Park this week.
As well as Ms Lusted, who did mainly metalwork in the props department, the market will feature a knifesmith, a bronze sculptor,
a bone carver, a leather worker, a ceramic artist and many others.

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Jeweller finds beauty in Life and Death. 
Carolyn Enting.

A miniature foetus hanging on a chain sounds bizarre but it's actually beautiful....

The precious figure has been painstakingly hand-carved from vegetable ivory by
Wellington goldsmith-jeweller Steph Lusted and is part of the artist's exhibition, Birth, Life, Death, at Avid.

The work was inspired by an anatomical sketch of a foetus/child in the womb by Leonardo Da Vinci,
which Lusted has long admired.

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Schoen Magazine - Issue 7


Paul Heilig introducing...Steph Lusted!

One of Steph Lusted's favourite places is way up above the waves of Oceania.
From the peak of Mount Victoria, the New Zealand artist has a unique view of her
home town Wellington....

Issue 7 page 98

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The National Business Review


'Lusted Jewellery' by John Daly-Peoples

The use of pinning dead butterflies or spiders on your clothes has never been a fashion statement,
until now....

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Lucire Magazine issue 26


'X-Bones to Butterflies'

New Zealand jewellery designer Steph Lusted
talks to us about life post-Pforzheim - by Jo Haas

Parents do not often tolerate their kids' projects covering the living room floor.
But some would say they have little choice when their child demonstrates
an addiction for anything handmade....


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The New Dowse



Steph Lusted Jewellery Q&A -

Believe it or not!

Describe your studio in three words...

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